Realtor Marketing

Realtor Branding

Realtor branding.
How to brand yourself to buyers and sellers.

Face it, a lot has changed out there in the real estate branding game. Clients aren't asking you to find homes. Trulia is. They aren't wondering about neighborhoods. Zillow has solved that. What's a Realtor to do?

Building your personal brand as a real estate agent is really about defending your promise. That's the reason Brandish Studio exists today. Our promise to you is to uncover the best of your personal brand and develop the best ways to communicate it to your audience.

How do we do this? We aren't afraid to ask the tough questions that will reveal the best of what makes you, you. Why should someone care about selling their home with you? What voice should you use to engage, motivate and inspire your customers to trust you? How does every touchpoint of your brand communicate your promise?

we do Real Estate Agent Marketing
that is anything but traditional

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What to expect
when working with Brandish Studio

A cool logo and business card unique to you

A Responsive, non-template based website

An unboring, non-gray background headshot

An ad campaign that creates attention

Social Media management that extends your voice, not adds noise

Email campaigns that create clickthroughs

Your weekend is your workweek. We get that.

Creative marketing ideas that no one else is doing
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We get real estate marketing because we try to break all of the rules. We don't do anything conventional. And that's a good thing.

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