About Brandish Studio

Building your brand is really about defending your promise. That's the reason Brandish Studio exists today. Our promise to you is to uncover the best of your brand and develop the right ways to communicate it to your audience.

We've been asked to help build brands for realtors, real estate developers, healthcare technology, consumer tech, B2B apparel, trash companies and so many more industries.

We solve problems by trying new ways of doing things. And finally, we believe that Amazing Comes Standard - our philosophy of always providing a little something extra.

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what we do for your brand
create an identity

Nothing tells the world that you are changing the way you approach things than changing your logo. It's the first thing people see. (And you know what they say about first impressions.)

develop a plan

We will help you plan your outreach program to your customers. Be that through email, PR, industry events, direct mail, SEM, SEO, advertising and even good old-fashioned social media.

talk the talk

We listen to your customers. We learn what your competitors are saying. Then we'll craft a voice for you that describes, motivates and persuades people to read it all the way to the end. Like you just did.

cause action

People don't read websites, they scan them. We design sites that visually communicate your main idea, creatively display your key promise and digitally haunt your competitors' dreams.

Recent Projects
Docusign Project
B2B Software
Diamond Project
Branding & Website
Sue Layng Realtor project
Real Estate Agent
Branding & Website
ebay project
Branding & Advertising
Focus Area: Realtor websites and real estate marketing

We have a special expertise when it comes to realtor and real estate marketing. Our attention to designing the right relator logo, creating the right agent photoshoot and developing the right real estate brand feel is what makes Brandish Studio a leading branding and marketing agency for realtors in the Bay Area. In fact, here are 5 ways to improve your realtor branding and marketing.

Want to see even more examples of our real estate branding? Have a click. Realtor Marketing Realtor branding examples