About Brandish Studio

About Brandish

We approach branding by branding the approach

Building your brand is really about defending your promise. That's the reason Brandish Studio exists today. Our promise to you is to uncover the best of your brand and develop the best ways to communicate it to your audience.

How do we do this? We aren't afraid to ask the tough questions that will reveal the best of your brand. Why should someone care about your brand? What voice should you use to engage, motivate and inspire your customers to trust you? How does every touchpoint of your brand communicate your promise?

Founded in 2012 by Brent Bamberger, Brandish Studio is a creative agency determined to rid the world of bad design and, well, boring marketing. Our writers, designers, developers, photographers, videographers and partners are specialists in keeping this promise.

  • Mccartt Construction
  • Working Duds
  • KDD logo
  • Client Logo
  • Client Logo
  • FSCG Logo
  • Client Logo
Consumer, Retail & Services

  • eBay (Triad Retail)
  • Camino Brands
  • The Refined Palate
  • Wello
  • SF Giants Baseball Camps
  • Doherty Truck Rental
  • Jamtown
  • Knee High Paint
  • ExeraFitness
  • Roost
  • Blades of Glory
  • Socks Rock
  • Working Duds

Real Estate

  • Lisa Tichenor - Dudum Real Estate
  • Erin Martin - Village Associates
  • Rachel Baiati - Keller Williams
  • Ann Ward - Village Associates
  • Amy Rose Smith - Village Associates
  • Matthew McLeod - Dudum Real Estate
  • PJ McLoughlin - Platinum Group (FL)
  • Sue Layng - Village Associates
  • Jeff & Jan Bruno - Pacific Union Real Estate

Software & Technology

  • Sensys Networks
  • Stringr
  • RAPT Touch, Inc

Healthcare & Medical

  • Pathway Consulting
  • Casetabs
  • Heckler DDS

Non Profit & Associations

  • NorCal Baseball
  • NorCal World Series
  • Sleepy Hollow Swim & Tennis Club
  • Orinda Cotillion
  • SEWA Junior Academy (Matopeni)
  • Soldiers' Secret Santa
  • All Out Baseball
  • Orinda Baseball Association
  • Miramonte Boosters Club

Construction & Architecture

  • McCartt Construction
  • McKenzie Gray Construction

Professional Services

  • Triple Point Consulting
  • Financial Services Consulting Group
  • ODell Law Group
  • Insight Resource Group
  • Karum Financial Services


With different skill sets, backgrounds and yes, even accents, the Brandish Studio team is engineered to amaze.

Team Member
President / Creative Director

Brent uses strategery to automagically transform ugly, tired brands into amazing, sparkling uber-brands. Oh, and he loves buzzwords. Clearly.

Team Member
Co-Creative Director

When Simon isn't out winning awards and awing clients with his art and graphic design prowess, he's all too happy to talk biking and coffee-making with you.

Team Member
Animation / Video Guru

If this text could spin around and dance for you, Tomas would do it. Equal parts illustrator and director, he puts ideas into motion. Literally.

Team Member
Coding Maven

From CSS to JS to Liquid and seemingly everything in-between, Denys is our go-to guy for all things coded.

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